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Radiant Impressions by Trulife


The Radiant Impressions custom breast prosthesis is a one-of-a-kind product that simulates missing breast tissue after mastectomy, lumpectomy or reconstruction. With more than 25 skin tone colors to select from, the realistic appearance of the Radiant Impressions is a unique duplicate of your natural breast. The back side of the prosthesis is created to snugly fit the dimensions of your surgery site. This eliminates the need for a pocketed bra and gives you the freedom to wear regular bras and swimsuits. The lightweight silicone matrix makes it light and cool to wear. Durable and comfortable, you can resume the activities you did before like golfing, swimming, dancing, jogging or gardening, without being conscious of your prosthesis.


After surgical breast reconstruction you may experience life changes (weight gain or loss, natural aging process, etc.) that cause your reconstructed breast to no longer match your remaining breast. Custom overlay or partial prosthesis can provide a symmetrical appearance. The overlay or partial prostheses is worn comfortably over existing breast tissue and is an ideal solution for post lumpectomy.

  • For a custom prosthesis, call 800-525-2420 to schedule a scanning at one of our boutiques.


Vicki Jones, CEO and President of Women's Health Boutique and her daughter Crystal Tipton offer the Radiant Impressions Custom Breast Prosthesis to women as an alternative to reconstruction, an answer to failed reconstruction, and a beautiful option for all women who have had breast surgery, underdeveloped breasts, or Poland's Syndrome.

With the use of a laser scanner, a 3D image is quickly created and easily sent to the Radiant Impressions Production Studio in Michigan where Artisans hand craft a beautiful custom breast prosthesis that is unique to the surgery site, color and characteristics such as freckles and nipple! Scanning at Women's Health Boutique can be conveniently done in any of our four locations.

For those women who live outside Dallas and the East Texas area, there are on-going Scan Events at various other boutiques in most every state in the USA. Certified fitters employed by Trulife, the parent company of Radiant Impressions, operate the scanners at the Scan Events.

To find a retailer near you visit:

www.radiantimpressions.com or call

Trulife Customer Service at: 1.800.788.2267