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Nearly Me #500 Cotton Post Surgery Bra


The perfect bra for wearing after surgery, relaxing around the house, or sleeping. Front closure is great for limited range of motion. This style offers full coverage over the breast, under the arm and across the back. Sizing for this bra is based on the band size rather than standard bra sizes.

  • soft comfortable stretch cotton leisure bra
  • great for after surgery, leisure or sleeping
  • cups have soft cotton pockets
  • work well with Nearly Me foam forms and fabric stretches to A-D cups with size the bra band size.


  • White


  • Small (32-34) 3 front hooks
  • Medium (36-38) 4 front hooks
  • Large (40-42) 5 front hooks
  • XLarge (44-46) 5 front hooks
  • XXLarge (48-50) 5 front hooks

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