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Frequently Asked Questions - Silicone Lite Prosthesis

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Introducing Our Unique Silicone Lite Prosthesis

Who designed your prosthesis?

Our founder, Vicki D. Jones, along with a team of prosthesis design experts.

What makes your prosthesis unique?

It has a softness that will allow the prosthesis to be shaped by the bra just like a breast. The drape is very natural and the triangular shape has an anatomical curve that allows a natural fit.

Is your prosthesis really lighter?

Yes. It is made from air whipped silicone and is much lighter than traditional silicone forms.

How often can I get a new prosthesis?

Generally every two years. However, Medicare and most insurance companies will allow you a new prosthesis anytime it is medically necessary, such as weight loss, weight gain, or shoulder pain from wearing a prosthesis that is too heavy. We will work with your insurance and file your claim.