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Frequently Asked Questions - Advanced Skin Care

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Advanced Skin Care

Why is it important to moisturize my skin?

Dehydration caused by age, environment, disease or medication induces dry, flaking, itching or chapped skin. Water evaporates off the skin unless it is sealed in. Elta skin care products are designed it seal moisture into healthy, hydrated skin.

Why does my skin feel dry after washing?

Soap and water strip the skin of all natural oils that maintain moisture. The skin hardens as a defense mechanism to prevent further water loss, causing dryness and tightness.

Can I use Elta cremes on my face?

Yes, all of our cremes and lotions are safe for sensitive skin and can even be used around the eye area. Our Elta Block SPF 30 (waterproof) is recommended to protect the skin from sun damage.

Why is proper skin care important for the radiation therapy patient?

Routine application of restorative, deep therapeutic moisturizing emollients, such as Elta creme, is essential to condition the skin before and after radiation therapy. It helps protect and restore moisture, and soothes dryness.

Can Elta Lite Lotion be used under compression garments?

Yes, because it doesn't contain lanolin. You must wash the garment in warm water after each wear to remove the lotion, and to restore elasticity.

Is skin care important for diabetic skin?

Yes, keeping the skin supple enough to resist skin cracking and infections is vital. Our penetrating Elta Creme keeps skin soft and moist.